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~ Cobweb Gym ~
Ace Attorney

Gym Leader CobCollapse )
Gym Status: Under Construction

Bambina Profile
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie


The Horizon BadgeCollapse )


LateShift Gym - Steel Type
lateshift gym, piplup
Gym Leader JoeCollapse )

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Neri Profile
please check the opening times, and post a challenge! =D

Gym Leader NeriCollapse )

Looking for co-mods
First of all, you guys who have posted your profiles already are totally BOSS--all the different layouts and badge designs are really creative! :D

Second of all, I'm looking for a couple of people to moderate with me, which would pretty much only involve approving applications/posts and making sure the gym masterlist is up-to-date in the official post and community profile (which would require knowing basic HTML because the masterlists are crammed into HTML tables, lol). I run a few other LJ comms besides this one, and I don't want this place to suffer because any one comment or post notification got lost in my inbox (believe me, it happens). Any volunteers?

ETA: Got one person--anybody else up for it?
- done!

Nakki Profile - Psychic Gym
Pokemon - Nakki Gym Pic
Nakki's Gym Card

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* Frozen Coast Gym *
Ace Attorney
Gym Leader ShigeruCollapse )Gym Status: Open

Canine gym
CLOSED due to lack of intrest. Comming Nov. 2010 Gen. 5 Gym More info click gym leader link

Gym LeaderCollapse )

Rah Profile
Gym Leader Card
Gym Leader RahCollapse )

1.) No Ubers
2.) All hold items are a-okay.
3.) Clauses: OHKO, Item Clause, Self-KO

~Congratulations to the following challengers on their victory~:

Update to rules n' such
I'm on vacation right now, so I know I've been a bit sporadic about responding to people's comments and getting things approved in a timely fashion, but I've finally gone and updated the rules post to include people's suggestions so far. Here's a summary of the changes/clarifications:

+ The masterlist of currently approved/active gyms and gym leaders is on the community profile page, and also in this post. I try to keep everything up-to-date, but if you ever notice that something's wrong or missing, let me know. Also, those of you who haven't made profile posts yet, go ahead and throw a quick one up just so I can link to it in the masterlist and people can find your Friend Code. You can edit it anytime to make it as fancy as you wish. :)

+ Legendaries are banned at the moment, but we'll vote in a couple of months on whether to allow them, and if so, which ones. (I just thought it was useful rule to have at the beginning.)

+ People have asked whether we'll have regions, or an Elite Four. Currently I think the focus should just be on getting the idea built up and seeing if it takes off, but this is definitely something we could look into doing if enough people make gyms! :) To throw out a preliminary idea: gym leaders could voluntarily organize their own "regions," with 7 badges for each region instead of 8; the only rule would be that within any one region you couldn't have multiples of any tier or theme. How we'd pick the Elite Four is another question...

+ Gym Leaders have the right to set extra rules for their gym battles in addition to the official rules of the community; I know there are some rules that are used in competitive battling, like "no 1-hit KO moves," and I want people to be able to play by those rules if that's what they're most comfortable with. It's up to the individual Gym Leader, though.

Anybody have any questions/suggestions/comments? I'm literally making all of this up as I go, so the more feedback and input I get, the better! :)


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