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Looking for co-mods
perosha wrote in gym_leaders
First of all, you guys who have posted your profiles already are totally BOSS--all the different layouts and badge designs are really creative! :D

Second of all, I'm looking for a couple of people to moderate with me, which would pretty much only involve approving applications/posts and making sure the gym masterlist is up-to-date in the official post and community profile (which would require knowing basic HTML because the masterlists are crammed into HTML tables, lol). I run a few other LJ comms besides this one, and I don't want this place to suffer because any one comment or post notification got lost in my inbox (believe me, it happens). Any volunteers?

ETA: Got one person--anybody else up for it?
- done!

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I'd like to moderate =) I'm always at my computer and can always take a couple seconds out of researching or studying to do mod-ly stuff.

Awesomesauce! :) Here, I'll go add you...

I wouldn't mind helping out, especially since I can't open my gym for a while (I'm still trying to pull my team together XD) I managed this monstrosity for a couple of years so the HTML definitely won't be a problem.

Sounds great, I'll add you! :)

ETA: Also, feel free to de-uglify anything in the community if you so desire. I just kinda threw it all up there and what little coding even exists is sloppy beyond reason. 8| (derp)

Edited at 2010-03-17 03:12 am (UTC)

Haha sure! I'll brainstorm ways to make the profile table nice and pretty :D

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